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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page project, commonly known as AMP can affect your SEO ranking on Google, so I recommend installing the code which is an easy as installing the AMP plugin for those on the WordPress platform.

In this video blog, I’ll show you how to install using AMP for WordPress and how to the installation to make sure that Google will read the new code correctly.

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Ryan Perry founded SBS in 2009 to help small business owners increase sales using video via Google search.

Wondering how to make your website AMP ready? If you’re a WordPress user, I’m going to show you which plugins you need and how to test that the plugins are actually working.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, otherwise known as AMP. What exactly is it and what are the benefits? I want to talk about this first before we go into the install. Essentially, what’s it’s designed to do is speed up pages, especially for mobile devices. This we can see in Facebook. If you’ve ever gone to Facebook and you click on an instant article, boom, it loads right away. However, if you click on an article and it’s not instant, even on high-speed internet access, it might take two, three seconds for that page to load, sometimes longer. Instant articles, boom, they hit right away and essentially, Google is trying to do the same thing, especially on mobile devices. So let’s take a look at what the difference is.

This is a blog post that will normally show up if you were to visit my page today. If we put the AMP code behind it, this is what it looks like now. You can see it’s really stripped down of a lot of the non-essential information. Now, what’s interesting is we don’t have a lot of information, so they have to click on the home link here in order to get back or click the back link, but who knows how they came into your page, first of all. So that is the difference.

Now, in order to install AMP on your website, you’ll need to install this plugin, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project plugin, I’ll put a link down below for you. If you are a Yoast, Google Yoast user, you’re also going to want to install Glue for SEO YOAST. This is very important. There are some coding issues that they had to fix in order to make sure that it worked with their plugin. Once you go back to the website, install the two plugins, one of the things that you’ll see, if we go back to our dashboard, on the bottom left-hand side is our SEO Yoast, and you’ll see the AMP option here. A couple of things I did tweak on the post type tab here, I left post enabled, everything else is disabled. This is the default way it came, so essentially that AMP stripped down version, you’re only going to see it on blog posts, none of the other pages will be affected.

On the design side, you have an option to install an AMP icon that will show up at the top of the page, and also, you’ll want to make sure that you have a default image. Yoast ran into some issues initially, where if you had a blog post that did not have a default image, it created some software issues. So you want to make sure that, put this in as a backup, it’s a great way of branding your company also. The only other change I made was right here on links, the default color was white. I’m still a firm believer if you want people to know about links, text links, they’re used to blue, so make it blue, and that’s all I did.

How To Install Google AMP On WordPress Website.

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